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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it possible to use self-packed columns with the EASY-Spray source?

No, only EASY-Spray columns can be used with the EASY-Spray source. For greater flexibility we recommend the Nanospray Flex source.

Q: Can I get column material other than PepMap C18?

No, currently the EASY-Spray column portfolio consists of four options packed with PepMap C18.


Q: Does the EASY-Spray column have frits in both ends?


Q: How is the high voltage applied?

Via a liquid junction through the metal cap. For protection, the metal cap is completely covered when connected.

Q: What is the temperature range?

30 to 60 degree Celsius.

Q: What is the recommended temperature for the EASY-Spray column?

35 degrees Celsius. Quality verification is performed at this temperature

Q: How is the column connected to the emitter?

Zero dead volume fitting and sleeves.

Q: What is the inner diameter of the emitter?

All EASY-Spray columns are equipped with 7µm uniform inner diameter polished glass emitters.

Q: What is the shape of the emitter tip?

The EASY-Spray emitter tip is tapered on the outside and uniform inside.

Q: What if the emitter is broken or blocked – can I change it myself?

No, the factory assembly is key to achieving a perfect ZDV connection in the liquid union each time, so while the design itself is very robust and further protected by a spring-loaded cap, you have to replace the whole EASY-Spray column if the emitter breaks.

Q: Is it possible to fill EASY-Spray source with nitrogen gas?

Currently EASY-Spray does not support gas, but because the spray formation takes place inside a closed chamber it is less susceptible to environmental factors such as the condition of the air.

Q: What is the recommended distance from an emitter to a heated capillary?

Approximated 3 mm. Refer to the manual for a description on how to align using the EASY-Spray alignment tool.

Q: Is it possible to visualize the spray?

No, we recommend using the software tool in tune on the MS control PC to monitor the spray.

Q: What is the price of the EASY-Spray column?

EASY-Spray columns are priced similarly to the  Pepmap Acclaim column portfolio for cost attractive operations. For local list prices consult your sales professional or request a quotation via this website.

Q: What is the price of the EASY-Spray source?

The EASY-Spray and Nanospray Flex source are priced identically. For local list prices consult your sales professional or request a quotation via this website.

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EASY-Spray spare parts

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Description Part Number
8 LCD Monitor
A/B mixing tee & Venting Tee
EASY-Spray power supply
EASY-Spray series controller PCB
EASY-Spray tools
Tee holder (for the mixing/venting tee)
Video Camera
Wash cap (for the EASY-Spray column)
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